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T r i a t h l o n   T r a i n i n g   &   C o a c h i n g

What is triathlon? Dictionaries define triathlon as an athletic endurance event comprised of three different sports - swimming, cycling, and running.

Triathlon training seems commonplace now but those living the triathlete lifestyle are still a rare breed indeed. Although triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, many view triathletes as crazy, especially those training for an
Ironman . Maybe so; if you have already raced a full or half distance Ironman, Olympic or sprint triathlon race you know how addictive it can be. If you're a beginner triathlete, you will soon find out. 

Training for triathlons three different sports and its sub-categories (transitions, recovery, and nutrition) takes more knowledge and training then does about any other sport. Chances are you are too busy to compile all of the knowledge and information necessary, what with your family and work commitments already taking a large chunk of your time. Most likely, you want to spend your time training rather then reading and studying about these topics. 

Beyond the time required for proper training add on other commitments you likely have in your life and you can easily understand why pro and amateur triathletes turn to online triathlon coaching -- time and finances are precious and cannot be wasted making unforced training errors that cost more time and money then can be afforded. Additionally, the risk of putting in all of that effort day in and day out -- then having a race that is worth forgetting ever happened because of injury, burnout, illness, or lack of motivation can be enough to drive a new triathlete right out of the after their freshman season. It does not have to happen. A coach is there to all but assure your success, whatever you deem success to be. 

At Triability Coaching, our goal is to train-you-up to perform your best for your next triathlon by providing that "right training mix" of training volume, training intensity, and consistency maximizing your limited triathlon training time and budget available to train for your tri-racing season. If triathlon training and triathlon racing to the best of your ability is your goal, Triability Coaching will take you down the right road. 

We coach and train triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, and runners. Our triathlon training programs can be delivered through our online triathlon coaching or our 1-to-1 triathlon coaching. Either way, all of our triathlon training programs are customized -- no off the shelf; one size fits all training programs here. 

Are you looking for the right online-customized triathlon-training program for your upcoming 2013 season or specific race? Do you want to improve your overall health and fitness? Talk to us, we will outline how our triathlon training will fit perfectly into your season's goals because training will be a custom, tailored fit based on you -- your health, athletic ability, and goals. 

Triability Coaching is lead by Coach Gregg Seltzer, USAT, USATF, USAC and ASCA, certified and a Master's Swim coach. 

Our result oriented customized online 140.670.3Olympic or sprint triathlon training programs address all aspects of triathlon training for any level of experience in the swim, bike and run disciplines, increasing your overall fitness level, which will help you reach your goals through the use of smart, scientific based training. This is our philosophy. 

Use our "Contacting Us" Page if you have questions about how Triability Coaching will help you improve your swim, bike and run performance for a lifetime. 

Ready to get going. Click here to go to our store where you can purchase the online triathlon-training program that is right for you, or give us a call at (800) 884-2194

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